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Help survivors of violence around the world receive specialized, trauma-informed care to address their healthcare needs.

Forensic nurses have

specialized knowledge
and training

to respond to
and treat
victims of violence.

When a survivor of violence receives care from a forensic nurse, they experience better health outcomes.

When communities integrate forensic nursing, they increase safety.

By donating to the foundation, you are supporting our effort to ensure that every person globally has access to a forensic nurse with the skills, resources, and training to provide the highest quality care.

Your Help, Their Lifeline

Your Support Has a Profound Impact

Your gift can support survivors of violence and communities with:

Our Goal is
Global Access

Since 2008, the IAFN Foundation has worked toward the vision that every patient globally has access to a forensic nurse with the education, skills, and resources necessary to provide the highest quality medical forensic care.

That’s why we are launching the Virginia Lynch Forensic Nursing Endowment.

Thank you to our founding contributors to the Endowment.

We Are Excited To Launch

The Virginia Lynch Forensic Nursing Endowment

How You Can Help

Your support helps us increase access to forensic nursing around the world. In doing so, you will help survivors of violence see improved mental and physical health outcomes.

We are launching the Virginia Lynch Forensic Nursing Endowment to increase financial support for IAFN’s global work.

IAFN has a history of providing support for the development of forensic nursing education, research and practice, whether connecting individually with our international members or providing on-the-ground support in Africa and Asia. In the past year, we’ve received requests for support from leaders working in the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and Central America. Leaders in these regions are eager to access our deep expertise and tailored technical support to integrate forensic nursing best practices. Neither IAFN nor the IAFN Foundation has designated funding to provide technical support for global partners. We have leveraged all of our resources to meet the moment. However, the ever-increasing demand for in-depth expertise has already exceeded our capacity to give our partners the level of support they need in the longer-term.

Donors who contribute to the endowment will directly fuel the vital work of expanding access to forensic nursing around the world.

The funds will be used to support the expenses associated with providing education, technical assistance and resources to international partners.



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